From Devastation To Hope in Haiti

Hope in Haiti

In the wake of a massive earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016, the small country of Haiti is still working to recover from devastation that took the lives of more than 220,000 people and left hundreds of thousands more in desperate circumstances.

Tragic news of this magnitude often leaves those of us who are helplessly watching from thousands of miles away feeling heavy with the burden of grief but powerless in our desire to do something. But thanks to the efforts of veteran Star Builder, GF Construction, an innovative community rebuilding effort was launched in partnership with Star Building Systems, an NCI company.

GF Construction, led by Charles and Jerry Fombrun, designed an industrial manufacturing development in Haiti that spans one million square feet, providing both a bank and a medical facility for employees, and housing for staff. Future plans include building a school for children of employees.

According to Star Regional Sales Manager, Marty Hooks, the facility is located in a deeply impoverished area just outside of Port-au-Prince and will help provide much-needed economic stimulus to the community. The development’s remote location required that all infrastructure, access roads, electric production, and waste management facilities be built from the ground up – making the project a massive undertaking with unique challenges, but one that will provide much needed economic stimulus to the community.

Approximately 300 local construction workers are currently working onsite, and the completed operations will employ 15,000 workers. “If all goes well,” said Hooks, “there are plans to double the operation.”

“What we are doing here is bigger than ourselves;” said Hooks, “We’re tapping into people’s lives, hopes and dreams, and we’re fortunate enough to be a part of that.”

At Star, we are incredibly proud to be part of an organization that thinks beyond business and sales and is willing to reach across borders and into the hearts of fellow humans in need. Additionally, we are grateful to have a team full of people who go above and beyond every single day – and sometimes, in really, really big ways.

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