Capabilities and Flexibilities
of Metal Building Systems

Capabilities and Flexibilities of Metal Building Systems

Metal building systems are among the most widely-used forms of construction in the U.S, accounting for more than half of the new low-rise, non-residential buildings annually. The reason for this widespread popularity is that the benefits of this type of building, and of the construction method, are applicable to such a broad range of projects. The savings in time and cost for construction are substantial, and the building that results is low-maintenance, durable, and sustainable. A new whitepaper, Capabilities and Flexibilities of Metal Building Systems authored by Star Building Systems and available through Building Design + Construction, details the science behind metal buildings and why they will last a lifetime.

Decades ago, a metal building system was a very specific type of building, a utilitarian rectangular steel box with a wide clearspan in the middle, and metal panels on the walls and roof. That image of the metal building persists in many people’s minds, but it is very out-of-date. Today, a metal building system is a method of construction that can fulfill a broad variety of purposes and architectural visions. Churches, schools, food processing plants, car dealerships, and indoor sports facilities are just a few of the uses for metal building systems. Want to know more about the evolution of the metal building system? Download your free copy of the whitepaper.

While the term, “pre-engineered” is outdated in describing entire metal buildings, it can be quite ­ fittingly applied to the structural steel members of those building systems. Rather than designing the structure around standard-sized, standard-shaped pieces of steel (such as hot-rolled I-beams), the rafters and columns are shaped to meet the engineering loads of the building – the steel is pre-engineered before it is formed into shape. This allows the most effcient use of steel, which reduces costs.

To read more about the capabilities and flexibilities of Star Metal Building Systems download our whitepaper, or contact one of our district managers with your questions. You can also check out more tips, tricks, and advice from industry professionals right here at the Insight Warehouse.

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