Webinar Recap: Website Development

Web Development Webinar

The second installment of our webinar series based off the eBook, Marketing Your Construction Company, focused on Website Development. No matter your level of experience in website design, a good website is always a must. This webinar provided an overview of what you should do to ensure your website is current with today’s standards of content and web design, and provided suggestions on how to source experts to help you build or enhance your site. A recording of the live webinar is provided within the posted video and the webinar’s Q&A session is below.

Q: What should a budget be for website development?

Budgets for websites can be different for everyone. Using a template from a source mentioned in the webinar can be very cost effective but require quite a bit of time and effort on your part in order to make sure the website is functional. Hiring a professional may cost more, but can save you time and effort, as typically a professional service will handle the day-to-day details.

The more functionality you want your site to have, the more costly it can become. Do you want to incorporate a blog? Video? Is there a log-in for clients and a separate area for the general public? Are you providing an email newsletter? How are you capturing that data? There are many things to consider when creating a website, so the best thing you can do is define your priorities internally – what do you really want your website to do? Convert sales? Be informational? Help drive brand awareness? All of the above? Once you define your goals, do a little research on the advantages/disadvantages on doing it yourself or hiring an agency or company to help. It’s not just the design of the site you’ll need to consider, but the backend as well. Who will do the updates on your site? Who will manage the hosting?

For the most part, the online templates are pretty self-explanatory. If you pursue the agency/company route, don’t be afraid to ask for quotes, ask questions and ask for examples of previous sites that have been created. If you’re going to invest your time and money, make sure you’re investing with someone that understands your business, your goals and can thoroughly bring your website vision to life. It’s not unusual for a website done by a professional service to cost somewhere between $10,000 to $20,000. Don’t be discouraged by a high price tag – there are many ways to bring a great website to life.

Q: How do you feel about a landing page which can be less expensive?

A landing page can be a good option if you’re unable to proceed with a full website at the moment or for a special event/promotion you have coming up. Having a website allows your customers and potential new customers to find you, so only having a landing page restricts the amount of information you can provide. Landing pages also do not allow for the full functionality that a website can handle, also limiting your accessibility and resources for your target audiences. If budget is an issue, a landing page can be a good option in order to have an online presence, rather than nothing at all. Ideally, you would want to supplement your landing page with social media channels and activity in order to increase your online presence.

Q: How do you feel about Facebook and Google Advertising?

 Social media advertising can be a great way to get your message out into the public for a lower budget. It’s fairly easy to use and it allows you to personalize it to your brand. Your ads can be interactive, linking back to a specific page on your website. Our October webinar will focus on Social Media tactics, so make sure to watch your emails for the invite!

Q: What is the best way to drive traffic to your website organically?

 A good way to do this is through social media. If you have any type of blog or news source on your website, you can post the link to those articles and encourage your followers to read your blog. Focus on topics that are relevant to your business, but that also have search traffic potential. Utilize community partnerships – did you do a project with another company? Tag them in your post. Encourage them to tag you in theirs – and share, share, share that content! Also encourage your followers to interact with your posts. Ask people what they thought of your blog, if they have any ideas, or if they have any blog topics they’d like to see in the future. Search Engine Optimization can also help drive traffic to your website. The SEO webinar in June will focus on this topic.

Q: How do you see an e-commerce site for a building materials company?

 Depending upon the types of products or services you’re looking to offer, an e-commerce site can be a great way to reach your customers. Make sure you define your audience – who is doing the ordering, what are they looking for? Look at other e-commerce sites for inspiration and they don’t necessarily have to be within your industry. Look at the customer service, design of the pages, how the products/services are laid out. An e-commerce site will need just as much promotion and attention to detail as a general, informational website, if not more, since you are adding a sales component.

Q: Can you recommend a good website builder?

 There are many options to choose from when determining which website builder is best for you. Some platforms you should review are Squarespace.com, Wix.com, WordPress.com, and Weebly.com. Each offers a similar product, but depending upon your knowledge level of websites, time available to spend building the site and your budget, one may be a better fit for you.

Q: Any recommendations for good copywriting firms?

 Most advertising agencies or web development companies will offer copywriting services. Many have copywriters in house, and some utilize the services of free lancers – both are great options. Review local agencies in your area, ask business associates for their recommendations of who they’ve used or reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce for business information. Or, feel free to contact us at Jordan Advertising. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples of work when finding the right copywriter for you.

Q: Is there a schedule for the full series of webinars you are offering?

 Yes! The webinar series continues throughout the rest of the year as follows:

June – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

August – Email Marketing

October – Social Media

December – Digital Marketing

Exact dates and times will be released closer to each webinar month. If you’re unable to attend any of the upcoming live sessions, recorded video and Q&A feedback will be provided within the Cornerstone Building Brands blogs.

If you missed our first webinar on the benefits traditional marketing, you can view the recording here.

This webinar was presented by Jordan Advertising, on behalf of Cornerstone Building Brands.


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