Star Named one of Oklahoma’s Top Workplaces

Star 2015 Top Workplaces

Over the weekend, Star was named one of Oklahoma’s Top Workplaces. This is a big deal for many reasons, but it’s especially notable when considering Star has been in business in Oklahoma since 1927. That means the company pays attention to health and happiness, and adjusts when needed. Star wants to continue changing—for the better.Star Happy Employees

Being ranked in this particular Top Workplace list is also noteworthy, because it’s an honest list. Managers or marketers didn’t solely design it. The people who matter—the ones who immerse themselves into the work environment of Star every day—they were the ones that put their hand up to nominate Star. They love the company, and they wanted other people to know.

And so what makes Star so great? Well, each Star employee was asked to complete an anonymous survey containing 22 questions about how they feel about what they do, things like:

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Learning
  • Working Together Toward a Common Goal
  • Value of the Company
  • Appreciation for Your Work
  • The Meaningfulness of Your Work

And in the end, something that may astonish you kept rearing its mighty head out of the survey. This thing was showing up again and again as the most important thing, not just to Star but all Oklahoma workers—and NO—it wasn’t money.  What matters most to Oklahoma employees is working for a healthy organization, and that’s where Star earned a shiny score.

As described in The Oklahoman, being a healthy organization means more than just one thing. “Healthy organizations thrive on people who feel connected to their workplace through meaningful work and the belief their company is moving in the right direction…Employees among The Oklahoman’s Top Workplaces buy into where they’re going and how they are getting there.”

It’s an honor to be named an Oklahoma Top Workplace. Star cares on all levels, and it shows.

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Star Building Systems

Founded in 1927, Star Building Systems has seen and done it all, from supplying tool sheds for oil derrick drilling sites in the early oil boom days to hangar buildings during World War II. We set the industry standard for innovation and technology. Most importantly, we have the best builders in the business.


  • Avatar
    Reply December 8, 2015

    Karen Johns

    Congratulations to the Star family on this awesome honor. As a long time builder I can attest to the fact that working with Star has felt more like being part of an extended family than just doing business together! Wishing you continued success, see ya all in Florida!
    Karen Johns
    Webb & Son

    • Star Building Systems
      Reply December 9, 2015

      Star Building Systems

      Thanks Karen. We appreciate the long-term relationship we’ve had with your family and enjoy working with you and your team! We’re looking forward to Florida!

  • Avatar
    Reply December 9, 2015

    Bill Buckner

    We have only been with Star for 12 years.The 12 years we have been here has been a big difference on the way we used to do things. Star has helped us out on marketing, erection,pricing, computers, customerservice, and on and on. There has not been one time that in issue has been taking care of.So therefore it doesn’t surprise me that they are the best company to work for. CONGRATULATIONS.

    • Star Building Systems
      Reply December 10, 2015

      Star Building Systems

      Thank you for your kind words, Bill! Star and our Builders…we’re there for each other!

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