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The construction process, long or short, is just that – a process. Details, unexpected events, unforeseen circumstances, weather … so many things can play a part in affecting the timeline from start to finish. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just push a button and see what’s going on at the site 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world? Oh wait – you can! Timelapse video technology is changing the game in the construction industry, giving contractors a way to monitor progress and customers a way to see their project coming to life no matter how far the distance from the site.

Hastco Construction, a general contractor in Topeka, KS and a long-time Star builder, is one of the companies using timelapse video to improve quality control and enhance customer service and convenience. Through a partnership with worldwide organization, EarthCam, Hastco now includes timelapse equipment on every job site, with real-time monitoring possible around the clock from solar-powered cameras mounted on 30- to 40-foot poles.

Once construction is complete, EarthCam provides Hastco with an edited version, typically 10 to 15 minutes in length, which enables them to have a start-to-finish record of the project on file. Hastco also provides the customer with a login for monitoring throughout the project, as well as a copy of the completed video, which they have found to be a very well-received gift.

Art Kuehler, president of Hastco, estimates the company produces 8 to ten videos per year, with no plans for slowing down. “Our customers really like it because they can log in to their site anytime they want and see what’s going on, just like we do in our office”; says Art, “Since most of our clients are remote, they can’t get to the job site every day. So they’ve been really pleased to have this option.”

To date, Hastco has completed 11 projects with EarthCam timelapse video monitoring throughout Kansas, Utah, Iowa, and Texas, and more are in the works. You can see an example of one of Hastco’s finished projects below.

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