BBQ With Your Clients—For Appreciation’s Sake

Epic Barbecue

We’ve been talking about customer appreciation lately, but the truth is we should be shouting about it. Having a strong relationship with your client is usually what makes the difference between staying in business three years or thirty-five.

Take for instance Dan Leis. He and his wife, Sue, are owners of Superior Structures, Inc. based out of Wichita, Kansas. The company has been in business for thirty-five years, representing Star Building Systems for that duration.

“We’re strictly a design-build company and have never bid a job,” says Dan.

Superior Structures, Inc. is known for doing great work—for being honest, sincere, and committed. And Dan and Sue are known for being gracious. They host a giant BBQ that’s a salute to all the hard workers surrounding them.

The epic BBQ…

It’s held every five years. The guest list spans from subcontractors, to current and ex-executives of STAR Building Systems, vendors, family, and friends. The BBQ is a tradition of giving thanks, but it is also a tradition of camaraderie, networking, and celebrating the splendors of doing a job well.

“This year there was also a Mariachi band and a game of golf in the morning. We had several “thank you” cards after the event—even with golf getting so competitive at times,” laughed Marina Buan, a team member at Superior Structures. “The BBQ is just a day of recognition. Repeat guests look forward to it. We all do. It’s a way to reflect on everyone’s hard work.”

Buan describes the BBQ as a festival of laughs. The hours are filled with good conversation, excellent food, and free-flowing beer & wine. Everyone relaxes. People get to enjoy the little things in life, and Superior Structures gets to give back.

And so…what difference does this BBQ make to business? Well, it’s that personal touch that keeps clients coming back. It’s the friendly and honest interactions that stick in the memories of clients—and this sets a company apart from the competition.

In addition to new customers we pick up along the way, repeat clients and referrals are our customer base,” says Buan.

Now that’s dedication. That’s great business. That’s the magic of BBQ.

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