When is the best time to buy your metal building?

Metal Building

Nuts & Bolts by Bryan Arlington

There’s an off-season for everything, like a boat in October and Florida in April. Usually, purchases in the off-season reap great rewards. The change in weather usually signals it’s time to get that great buy on a new set of skis or the family vacation to Orlando.

So does that hold true for metal building purchases?

When determining the best time to buy your metal building, the most important factor to consider is your location. Here’s a simple formula that can help:


If you live in the southern part of the United States, ordering in the winter months could warrant a significant savings. Due to the warmer climate, you can build during the colder winter months that often halt production in the north. Since peak months for fabricating and shipping building materials is May through August, you can get off-season type pricing.


If you live in the northern part of the United States, ordering between February and August 1 is your best time to buy in order to beat bad weather. Even though that is during the peak time, an early order will provide enough time for your project to be engineered, the drafting detailed, fabricated, and then delivered during the rush season.

However, if you are equipped with a weather safe area to store your building supplies should you run into frozen ground issues, you can also order during the off peak times to receive a price break.

If you aren’t certain about when to purchase, contact Star’s Customer Service Department. We can work with your unique circumstances and challenges to create the most cost effective, timely schedule for your order.

Questions and comments are always welcome below!

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Bryan Arlington

Bryan Arlington, P.E., started at Star in 1996 as a Design Engineer. In 1999, he moved to the Estimating Department as a Sales Engineer. After achieving Senior Sales Engineer, he was promoted to Chief Sales Engineer and then Manager of Estimating. Bryan has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and is a registered professional engineer in multiple states. When not at work he enjoys spending time with his wife, Shalmarie and his two children, Jessica and Jacob.

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