The One Super Easy, Super Simple Marketing Tip You Should Do For Every Project


You look when you drive by. You know you do. When a new building project is in the works, with all that fresh dirt and construction activity, the one question going through your mind is, “I wonder what that’s going to be?”

How do I know? Because everyone is asking the same question. We want to know. We’re a curious lot, that’s part of it. The other side of it is: a new business is exciting! Or could be. It might be your favorite restaurant going up in your neighborhood. Or your favorite hardware store. Maybe it’s a grocery store, a business complex, or a chain of the best sporting good stores known to man.

When you don’t know, neither does anyone else. And the mystery stays unsolved. If that new job site is yours, mystery isn’t your friend in this situation. You’re missing a prime opportunity to capitalize on all that attention. And all you need is a job site sign.

It’s easy. It gets attention. It advertises to every car driving by. It shows your competition that you have staked your claim. It shows your customer you’re proud to be the builder.

It’s your own personal billboard and here’s why you should be posting one at every site:

They’re inexpensive.

Job site signs are cost effective. All those drivers, all that traffic, all those curious minds left wondering. This isn’t advertising that must grab the viewer’s attention, these viewers are looking for it! So tell them. Let them know what your project is and that you are the builder proudly bringing that project to the daylight.

They’re good customer relations.

Job site signs help your customer promote their coming business. They’ll love that part. They may love it so much they become a repeat customer.

They’re live examples of work.

Wording on job site signs usually promote the builder by explaining the building is “another project by (fill your name in here)”. It shows the growth and activity of your business. It gives prospective future clients a living example of your work for them to check out.

They’re offered through Star.

4’ x 8’ vinyl job site signs can be ordered as a part of your building order. When you order your sign through Star, we’ll work with you to create a design that projects the right image for your company. We’ll have it made and we’ll ship it to you. You apply the sign to your 4’ x 8’ plywood and erect. Pretty simple! Then, through our Star Co-op Advertising Program, we will help you pay for it. We also share in other marketing and advertising expenses. If you aren’t taking advantage of this program, you are leaving money on the table.

If you’re looking for a sign to tell you this is a great marketing tool for your company, all you have to do is order it.

Contact Mary Herren at to learn more about the Star Co-op Program and see how you can qualify.

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Star Building Systems

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  • Reply July 2, 2015

    Lee McCoy

    Advertising on-the-job is one of our best ways of getting referrals. People see how quickly our buildings go up and how clean the jobsite is, and start to associate us with quality metal building construction. We even do things like hang the Bahamian flag on our projects on Independence Day, so potential customers can see we’re a 100% Bahamian company!

    • Star Building Systems
      Reply July 2, 2015

      Star Building Systems

      That’s a great idea! Showing your company culture is always positive. Thanks for the comment.

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