Supply Issues Delaying Construction? This One Easy Thing Could Stop It.

supply issues

“When your building supply order arrives, audit the list of materials on the manifest. Doing this one simple review could keep your job from missing your deadline.”

Here’s why.

Often times, builders will receive their supplies, off load them, and set them aside until they are needed, which could be 30 to 45 days later. By auditing the manifest list when the order arrives, you can troubleshoot for any missing material. If there are supply issues, you’ve got a window of time to call us, report the issue, and to receive a new shipment long before the supplies are ever needed.

Without the audit, you risk not having the supplies when you need them, as well as knowing whether or not the supplies ever arrived. They may have been misplaced after arrival, or even stolen. So check the manifest. It’s a quick tip that takes little extra time but could save you weeks of delay and cost on a job.

There’s my quick fix! Do you have questions? Comments? Want more details? Send me a comment below. And stay tuned for more quick fixes to keep your job on schedule, on budget, and on the move.

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Cary Barger

Cary Barger has been helping builders solve problems for the last 40 years by using his experience in the drafting, estimating, product development, and field service department at Star. He is also the past chairman of the construction committee at MBMA.

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