Star Mobile App third release set to change the way you work.


The other day a builder called me in between rushing from his job site to pick up additional supplies and rushing back. He didn’t have time to stop. Instead, he called me asking, “Can you shoot me the bill of materials for my project?”

We can. But now we can do one better.

We launched the Star mobile app in August 2013 for this very reason – to help our builders save time. It’s why we released an update in March 2014 and why we’re releasing our third installment this coming Spring.

Based on our builders’ requests, the third release will include:

  • Search by job description: Previously, for a builder to find a specific job, they needed to input the job number. Now we’ve made that even easier. Using the app, builders can search simply by the job description. They can access the job information without stopping to look up the number.
  • Link to job details: The details of the job are now easily accessible through the Star mobile app. Need to view standard drawings? Panel and trim details? Other accessories? It’s all there.
  • Barcode scanning: All our materials are shipped with a label. Now, if builders scan the barcode on the label, their job number will automatically pull up and they can easily access their job documentation.

We’ve also added a complete contact list of Star employees and departments, a calendar for company events and news, and a link to our blog.

Our builders asked for it. We answered. And we’re not done yet.

The new design includes larger buttons for quicker and easier maneuverability, consistent type sizes, and a logout option.

We know the more information we can put in your hands, the less time you have to spend on communication and the more time you can spend on productivity. That’s our goal and our focus.

In fact, we’ve already started designing the app for Phase Four. Just wait until you see what else we have planned.


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Gabe Savely

Gabe Savely first joined Star in 1999 as a programmer analyst after receiving his degree in Computer Science & Management. In 2001, Gabe was promoted to Manager of SBS and was instrumental in the continual development of SBS as the industry leading software it is today. In 2004, Gabe accepted the challenge of the Corporate IT Director position supporting software development for all of the RCC & NCI buildings divisions. Gabe became Director of Product Management-Customer Solutions in 2008 as part of the IT Technical Services group. In 2011, Gabe re-joined Star Building Systems as the Director of Customer Service. While not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Rebecca, and their two daughters, Sarah and Shelby. There isn’t a sport his daughters have played that Gabe hasn’t been involved in as a Coach.

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