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Star Master Builder

While you’re working on your metal building projects this summer, start thinking about taking photos to enter your project in the esteemed Star Master Builder 2016 Program.

Star Building Systems’ Master Builder Awards Program is designed to recognize Star Builders for excellence in design and construction and to encourage professionalism in the building industry. Star Builders, using Star’s quality products, set the standard for metal building construction across the country. Any Star builder may enter this contest.

Even though entries aren’t due until early next January, the blue skies and green grass that summer brings can provide the best visual backdrops for striking photos of your metal building project.

We want to see your construction project in the best light possible because your outstanding work makes both you and Star look good – all projects seen on Star Building System’s website and in Star brochures and industry publications are submissions from past Master Builder contests. This is your opportunity to have your outstanding work recognized.Star-Masterbuilder winner - Bent Glass

Here are some tips for capturing your best photos:

  • Choose a day with broken clouds and bright sun. If clouds are unavailable, hold out for full sun. Overcast days result in dull, lifeless photos.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time, don’t rush. Observe the building in the morning, afternoon and evening to determine the best time – and light – to shoot. Study the building from all angles.
  • Clean up the area before shooting as a trashcan in the corner of the photo or a car in the wrong place can detract from the photograph. Be sure to look through the lens at everything it sees before you take the photo.
  • Use a wide-angle lens, if available, to allow you to get a tight/clean shot of the building.
  • Turn off the date imprint on the camera so you don’t see it on the final image.

Take photos of your project now, if you can, for Star’s Master Builder 2016 entry. We’ll want six photos – four exterior and two interior shots of your project, and they’ll have to be a minimum of 300 dpi at six inches wide. This requires a camera set for high-quality images. Buildings are judged on the attractiveness of the exterior, skill of construction and the effective use of Star Building Systems’ products and components.

Star-Masterbuilder winner - Generations Brewing

If you’re using a professional photographer, obtain the photographer’s signature on the photo release form.  The building owner’s signature is required on the photo release form as well.

For more information about award eligibility, entry categories and details required for your entry, call Star’s marketing department at 1-800-879-7827 or talk with your district manager.   Look for the official Star Master Builder entry form this fall.

See photographs from past Star Building projects.

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