The Little Magnet That Plays A Big Part In Long-Lasting Quality

set socket magnet

The devil is definitely in the details. If you’ve been in the metal construction business for any length of time, you’ve likely experienced the sometimes-frustrating truth in that expression.

While we certainly believe in the value of a bit of good old-fashioned learning from your mistakes, we’d rather save those lessons for situations that don’t compromise construction projects and end up costing money.

Our commitment at Star Building Systems is to help you avoid costly mistakes of all sizes – and this week’s insider tip addresses one of those details that, when done properly, can help you avoid an appearance by that guy with the pitchfork.

It’s no secret that selecting the correct fasteners is essential in metal construction. Not only for the aesthetics of your building, but because the right fastener will help reduce the likelihood of two of a metal building’s biggest enemies: rust and corrosion. The right fastener is also a key element in the long-term structural integrity of your building.

But just as important as selecting the right fastener is installing it correctly. That means a clean, solid drill into the surface without a lot of wobble. Excessive wobble can cause the point of the screw to “walk” across the surface of the metal and scratch it. It can also damage the corners of the hex of the head or scratch the paint on a painted fastener.

The key to avoiding wobble is a good nutsetter. But here’s the devil-in-the-detail part: the key to using a good nutsetter is making sure the magnet is set properly. And featured in the video below, Scott Bowers of Atlas Bolt & Screw demonstrates exactly how to do it.

If you’ve noticed rust on the fasteners of an existing building, there are a few things you should know before you panic. Rust coloring can mean different things – and it doesn’t always mean corrosion. For a little insight into what to look for, see our article on rusty fasteners.

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