See The Transformation!


We’ve got exciting news! For 85 years, through all the shifts in industry, economy, and technology, Star Building Systems has strived to remain on the cutting edge.

And we have! But we’re not done yet.

Now, we are moving into our next phase. Meet our new brand! It’s the same high-quality product, stellar customer service, long-lasting relationships, all with a fresh look and a broad online presence. We’ve gone mobile. We’ve gone social. And we’re providing you all the relevant content, technology updates, and industry secrets on our Insight Warehouse blog.

Come meet the new Star Building Systems online!

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Star Building Systems

Founded in 1927, Star Building Systems has seen and done it all, from supplying tool sheds for oil derrick drilling sites in the early oil boom days to hangar buildings during World War II. We set the industry standard for innovation and technology. Most importantly, we have the best builders in the business.

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