At Star, We Believe in Professionalism, Capitalism and Schlosserisms.


That is to say … we’re here to do our very best for the folks who work hard to run their own businesses. And if the name of your business just so happens to be Schlosser Steel Buildings Incorporated, we’re with ya on those Schlosserisms.

For the rest of you, a “Schlosserism” is a term affectionately coined by a few of our long-term customers in the Schlosser offices in Hatfield, PA. to describe a hybrid building solution they’ve developed over the years.  Realizing that many of their customers were interested in combining the advantages of both metal building systems and conventionally framed steel buildings, they began designing and erecting pre-engineered buildings that do just that. Schlosser has produced impressive results and a long roster of repeat business simply by bringing together the benefits of two unique entities.

Which brings us to the Star and Schlosser partnership. For more than 50 years, we’ve been coming together as two unique entities too, but with one shared goal: to make sure Schlosser’s customers continue to be happy customers.

Jonathan Trumbore, executive vice president of Schlosser’s building company (their sister company is a structural steel fabricator), works hands-on with many of the people at Star and enjoys the familiarity of knowing the person on the other end of the phone call or email. “They’ve always provided great service”, Jonathan says, “and a lot of them have been there a long time, so I enjoy working with someone I know and trust.”

Second to the people, though, Jonathan says the Star Builder Software has been one of the key factors in being able to build success with their business model. “Their software is very helpful in the design-build business because we can price multiple ways of building and come up with the best value for our customers as we design, rather than designing something and then putting it out to bid”, says Jonathan; “Their people, the way they price, their software, and their service – those are the great things about Star.”

To all of you at Schlosser, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you all these years. And to all of our customers everywhere, we look forward to many more solved problems, smart solutions, happy customers, challenging projects, and just good old-fashioned friendships. We’re kind of sentimental like that. Let’s just call it a Star-ism.

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Star Building Systems

Founded in 1927, Star Building Systems has seen and done it all, from supplying tool sheds for oil derrick drilling sites in the early oil boom days to hangar buildings during World War II. We set the industry standard for innovation and technology. Most importantly, we have the best builders in the business.

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