SBS Updates You Don’t Want to Miss

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We don’t have to tell you developing a building from start to finish is complicated, however, we do want to tell you we are always here to make it easier and to help hammer out any concerns when it comes to estimating. We have just released an update to SBS that we believe will make pricing a project simpler and create greater possibilities for you and your building.

The two updates we are most excited about will allow you to adjust your building’s framing and make a more seamless, beautiful metal building.

A channel closure trim is now available with roll-up doors. Why would you want this trim? To cover the red iron doorjamb. The trim will cover the jamb, resulting in cleaner metal panels, and give continuity throughout the building. Go ahead and order these at the beginning of your project, so this is never an issue.

A new fixed base bracing column has also been added as an option. This bracing element takes up less room and allows for larger framed openings to be installed. Also called a cantilevered column, this bracing method is similar to a portal frame only without the rafter, and with only one column. This bracing option is useful as a potential cost saving option, and when tight clearances are present, all while keeping the building’s structural integrity.

We are on a roll and we aren’t stopping there. We are in the process of developing some really exciting new features for SBS.

We are always looking to improve our program based off our builder’s feedback. Let us know of any other updates you would like to see in the comments!

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