Ordered the wrong fastener?
Here’s how to prevent repeating this mistake.

Mr Quick Fix Fasteners


Each fastener has been developed for a specific use and is not interchangeable. Not knowing the difference between a stainless shank and a stainless cap or a long life or extended life fastener could mean you are ordering the wrong one for the job. If you don’t know the difference, provide details about the specific usage for the fasteners and never hesitate to ask lots of questions when you are ordering.

 Here’s why.

Now, there are different fasteners for different applications and more options for those applications. The added options provide a better fit for your project so it’s important to educate yourself on the subject. Often, you may not realize you have the wrong fastener until the middle of the building erection, when it’s time to use them.

When you order, simply being aware that each fastener has a specific and varied use will help you to order correctly. Make sure you ask questions in order to get the fastener that is suited for your building project.

There’s my quick fix! Do you have questions? Comments? Want more details? Send me a comment below. And stay tuned for more quick fixes to keep your job on schedule, on budget, and on the move.

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