Missing or Incorrect Materials Slowing Down Your Job? This could prevent it.

Mr Quick Fix - Documents


Your Star order should always be compared to your contract documents, i.e. architectural drawings, specifications, sales contract. This is the time you double-check to make sure all the proper materials have been included.

Here is why it’s so important.

Engineering and Drafting use the Star order to design and detail the project. The Star order is written by Customer Service through clarification with the Builder. As a rule, engineering and drafting do not have any interaction with the buyer. If the order in any way does not fit the needs of the building project, it is often unknown until the steel is shipped and arrives on site. At that point, the building schedule may be pushed out to wait for revised design, additional material and / or new drawings.

Since the builder is the only person with the complete and full knowledge of the project, it is best not to assume we know or can see all factors required by reviewing the drawings. Even though we are helping develop the order, we are not included in changes or addendums released to the contract documents during the process of the project that may be required. By being the second and third party, there could be things lost in the translation. Therefore, it is best to check the Star order as soon as it is completed to make sure everything you may need for your building project is included.

There’s my quick fix! Do you have questions? Comments? Want more details? Send me a comment below. And stay tuned for more quick fixes to keep your job on schedule, on budget, and on the move.

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Cary Barger

Cary Barger has been helping builders solve problems for the last 40 years by using his experience in the drafting, estimating, product development, and field service department at Star. He is also the past chairman of the construction committee at MBMA.

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