Long-Life Coating vs. Long-Life Screws

Long-Life Screws

Scott Bowers
Field Sales Executive for Atlas Bolt and Screw

Are you concerned with the long-life protection of your project?

The phrase “long-life” can be interpreted in different ways. In the construction industry, it can mean the difference between dealing with rust issues in the first ten to twenty years or never dealing with rust issues during the life of the building.

What makes the difference?

The difference can be as simple as your choice between long-life coating or a proper long-life screw.

Long-life coating:

Long-life coating adds corrosion protection for 10-20 years, depending on what kind of coating the manufacturer is applying. Environment, also, plays a crucial role in the life span of the protection. For example, areas along the coast with high salt content will degrade the protection life span of the fastener by years. It is important to note that your environmental influences will greatly affect the long-life success of the coating option.

Long-life screws:

Long-life screws provide a lifetime warranty against red rust on the head of the fastener. Generally made of Zinc, the head provides superior corrosion resistance, along with compatibility to the metal sheets. They are generally used along the coastal regions to guard against the corrosive environment. They are also highly recommended for roof systems with exposed fasteners throughout the country. A stainless steel cap fastener can be used as an alternative.

**It is extremely important to know your application. For example, if you need to guard against interior corrosion, a 300 series stainless steel fastener is needed.

Make sure you ask your STAR representative for the proper fastener for your application.

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Scott Bowers

Scott Bowers, the Field Sales Executive for Atlas Bolt and Screw, heads up the steel frame segment of the company and travels the United States promoting fasteners, visiting jobsites, and answering technical questions.

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