7 Ways Metal Buildings Can Increase Your Construction Customer Base

Increase Construction Customers

Here’s a bit of news that won’t surprise you: customer needs, wants and preferences vary widely. One-size-fits-all solutions rarely happen in the construction business. But here’s a bit of news that probably will surprise you: adding metal buildings to your line of services can give you a wider pool of potential construction customers.

How? Simply put, building with steel offers many unique benefits compared to other types of materials – and many of them are on your prospective  customers’ “must have” lists.

Here are a few:

  1. It’s faster and more cost-effective. In most cases, construction time is about 30% faster than site-built projects, cutting customer wait time by weeks and upping your ROI. That’s money in your pocket!
  2. It provides greater design flexibility and expandability. With no interior columns required, metal buildings can offer completely open space; and they can be reconfigured or expanded as needs arise.
  3. It’s environmentally friendly. Very, very friendly! The materials used in every Star building are 99% recyclable. (Just think: your old metal building could someday be a car!) Plus, metal buildings can provide significant reductions in energy use, thanks to reflective roof coatings, airtight construction, and their adaptability to many energy-saving modifications.
  4. It means built-in durability. Metal buildings are designed to withstand extreme conditions, including snowstorms, hurricanes, and earthquakes. In fact, today’s buildings are being engineered to withstand wind forces up to 170 mph.
  5. It’s a termite’s worst nightmare. Nothing to eat here.
  6. It’s as low-maintenance as it gets. According to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, metal roof and wall coatings resist dirt and are self-cleaning. Additionally, the life of a metal roof is up to three times longer than that of other roof systems.
  7. It’s not your father’s metal building. Thanks to today’s much more flexible options, a variety of materials such as glass, aluminum, concrete and wood can be incorporated into the design, giving them a modern and unique look. Check out some of the design inspiration in our gallery.

Ready to look into metal buildings for your business? We’d be happy to tell you more, one-on-one, by calling us at 1-800-879-7827, or email us.  As a Star Builder, you can learn all about how to become a metal building expert in one of our four-day Star Basic Builder School sessions. We’re truly here to help!

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