Envelope Based Solutions for Metal Buildings

Enveolpe Based Solustions

Energy use in U.S. buildings, comprising nearly five million commercial buildings and 115 million residential households, represents 40 percent of U.S. energy consumption. Building energy codes are a critical component of the national effort to control the increasing impacts of building energy use. The Department of Energy supports and participates in the development of these codes, which have over the last several years become more stringent, more complicated and more highly enforced across the country.

A new whitepaper, Envelope Based Solutions For Metal Building Systems authored by Star Building Systems, details why using the right tools can help maintain value while meeting the challenges of increasingly restrictive industry standards and requirements.

Building energy codes and standards establish minimum efficiency requirements, assuring reductions in energy use and emissions over a building’s life cycle. These energy codes are a subset of broader building codes, which establish requirements and govern building construction. While building to code has its challenges, the positive result is buildings that provide greater comfort and are more cost-effective to operate long-term.

Some customers have a lack of experience with the new requirements and a dearth of technical resources. The competitive nature of the construction industry makes it hard for builders to take the time to get up to speed. For projects without a single A/E and CM firm overseeing both design and construction, the increased performance requirements make projects more expensive and difficult to design. They also create a “proof of compliance” vacuum that can result in increased difficulty getting permits and certificates of occupancy across the nation.

Star Building Systems help resolve these issues by being more supportive partners and by providing envelope-based solutions that help meet stringent newer code requirements.

To read more about how Star can help you create the perfect metal structure, download our whitepaper, or contact one of our district managers with your questions. You can also check out more tips, tricks, and advice from industry professionals right here at the Insight Warehouse.

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