Star Senior Estimator Visits California Builders

Star Senior Estimator

Star Senior Estimator Visits California Builders

On his last day in San Francisco, Dwayne Kennedy rode the cable car. He had Chinese food in China town. He saw the Golden Gate Bridge, and took pictures of the island Alcatraz.

His trip gave him a chance to visit California, to see the coastline, to buy chocolates for his wife. Mostly, however, his seven days spent between San Diego and San Francisco gave him a chance to meet Star builders face-to-face, to shake their hand, and to let them know that when they call needing a pricing strategy on an in-depth project, he is the voice on the other end of the line.

“The main thing, in my opinion, is to put a face with the name, to get to the next stage of our relationship,” says Kennedy, concerning the reason why he took time away from the home office in Oklahoma and met with Star builders in California. “The builders are real people. They have real buildings, real problems, real families. They are not just a voice on the phone.”

Kennedy, who works with builders in the western part of the United States, has spent a lifetime in customer service. Even though his degree is in construction management and he put himself through college erecting metal buildings, a large portion of his background is in retail.

For 21 years, he ran the 27th Street Stop convenience store in El Reno with his wife and children.

“I miss the people, but I don’t miss the hours,” said Kennedy.

In 2002, Kennedy took a position with Star as an Estimator to utilize not only his degree in construction management but his over two decades of experience in customer service.

“The builder, on one side has the customer, who knows what he wants and the builder’s job is to provide that. Then he comes to us and we say, ‘No, that code does not allow that or the engineering is not possible. So the builder has to work with both of us and come up with common ground,” explains Kennedy. “Having been an actual builder, I have a little ability to see what they are going through and have some understanding of the real world, which helps in my ability to get them a reasonable price.”

During his recent trip, Kennedy met with ten builders on the west coast to simply put a face to the name and let them know he is there to help make their job easier.

“My job, my gift, my ability is to be available and help them with any problems, whether that’s with our builder software (SBS), with their strategies or simply getting them a good price quickly,” says Kennedy. “My job is to be there for them.”


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