Considerations when Buying and Exporting Metal Buildings

When you prepare to buy and export a metal building, the most important thing you should consider is whom you are buying the building from!

Let us warn you that many “internet specials” are not authorized dealers and are only out to get your deposit, and then oversell you on “upgrades.” They may think they can pull a fast one on you, but we know you’re smarter than that. When using an authorized Star Builder, you can be assured you are dealing with a respectable organization!

Here are some tips to help make the exporting process smooth.

  • Use a local authorized dealer. These dealers are experienced in all of the requirements for designing, importing and erecting steel buildings. There are many factors to consider such as import taxes, export overages, proper container loading and local labor practices to name a few.
  • Consider the end use of the building. The fit and finish of the building can vary greatly and affect your cost significantly. Do you really need a LEED certified building, or can you get by with a simple warehouse?
  • Who is going to install the building? There are many contractors who say they have installed buildings before – but are they truly certified by manufacturers? Do they have a project list you can see? Ask for references, and go see their local completed projects.
  • Be sure to compare apples to apples. With so many different features on pre-engineered steel buildings, the prices can vary greatly for the same size building. Make sure you are getting the same type and gauge (thickness) of roof and wall panel, same insulation thickness and facing, same long lasting metal coatings and so on. If you’re not, ask for the quote to be revised so they can be compared properly.

Once you have the building quote you prefer, check the delivery point. If the building is going to be delivered to a US port for export (such as Miami), is that where the building dealer’s responsibility ends? You will still have to ship it to your destination, pay local taxes and fees, hire a broker, deliver it to your job site and unload it. All of these costs can add up quickly, so make sure to factor them in beforehand.

By using a local dealer you are not only supporting your local economy, you’re getting local knowledge. Your quote will include all the items necessary to have a turnkey prefabricated building with a lot less hassle. And, believe it or not, most times a local dealer can get you a lower price than an out-of-town salesman you’ve never met – just another great advantage of using your local authorized Star Builder!

This is a guest post by Lee McCoy, President of TMC Engineering LTD. Lee took over the family business in 2006, and has since grown the company to provide steel building and general construction services for projects of all sizes. TMC is an award-winning Star Builder with Outstanding Builder Awards each year, as well as the Highest Sales Volume in the South-East district in 2014.
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