Color And The Metal Building Industry: The Future Is Bright. Or Is It More Neutral?

Remember when metal buildings were all one color and had limited creative options? Neither do we! (Okay, maybe a few of us do, but we’ll not talk about that!) The point is, it’s difficult to imagine a time when metal building design and construction was limited by anything but the imagination.

Today’s customization possibilities are virtually unlimited – and color choices are no exception. Color trends in the building industry tend to have a longer lifespan than other aspects of building design, so there’s no need to worry about colors becoming outdated quickly. When a color rises to the top as a favorite, it typically lasts for 5 to 10 years, with the greatest changes being only slightly lighter or darker variations within the same color family.

And color doesn’t have to mean just the shade, either. Today’s options offer a variety of special effects, from textures that can help conceal exposed fasteners and screws on the building to solar reflective coatings that can increase energy efficiency. Sparkle, matte finish, crinkles, gloss … these are just a few of the descriptive terms you’ll hear in the industry today.

Within the commercial building segment, the popular colors have always remained within the white and neutral shades, but many building and architecture companies today are using bolder, more daring accent colors in strategic places throughout their designs. Color choices may be a reflection of the customer’s brand or a statement about the company’s mission.

For builders and architects with clients in the agriculture industry, options are more widely varied than ever before, too. Traditionally, colors on agricultural buildings have been selected based solely on practicality, with energy efficiency and simplicity of cleaning as the top priorities. But today’s choices allow building designs to keep the practical aspects intact while exploring a greater variety of color choices. Just as today’s farmers and agriculturalists are redefining their industry, today’s agricultural building designs are evolving to reflect a more technologically driven, creative and forward-thinking mindset.

The bottom line is, don’t be shy about color when planning your metal building design – it’s a great way to set your project apart and give your customers a finished product that feels truly customized and unique. At Star, we offer an extensive variety of color choices, from bright and bold to subdued and conservative, all backed with quality warranties that vary based on the finish.

Contact your Star representative today and let us help you learn about all of the options available and how to select the best option for your particular project.

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