Biometric Screening is More Than a Pathway to Health. It’s a Lifesaver.

biometric screening

If you’re thinking about adding a wellness program to your business, don’t think too long—just do it. There are a ton of great reasons why, but three key ones are:

  1. Healthier employees = happier and safer employees
  2. A 20% health insurance discount may apply
  3. You might just save a life

And out of the many wellness programs and creative exercise plans available, one particular program is vital. At Star, this particular program saved a man’s life. It’s called biometric screening.  

Biometric screening is an important component of comprehensive health. The screening provides important baseline data—critical information on current and potential medical issues like high blood pressure, sugar levels, or fatty acids in the blood. Basically, it’s a report card on your health situation.

Considering all the great things biometric screening does, Star scheduled a day for their employees to get tested. And as employees received their results, everything rolled along with ease and smiles until a curious blood sample raised some eyebrows. One employee’s blood sample had something floating in it—something visible to the naked eye, and anything floating in blood is not good. Turned out that the man’s triglycerides were off the charts. His health situation was serious.

The biometric screening team demanded the man go to the hospital—not later, but NOW. So, he did. And at the hospital, doctors said he needed surgery—not a month from now, but TOMORROW. The next day, the man had open-heart surgery. Now, that man is doing just fine. He’s getting healthier. He’s back at Star and moving forward with a new lifestyle geared toward wellness.

What happened that day was all due to Star’s decision to invest in its employees’ health. Their biometric screening turned out to be so much more than data. It was a guardian angel for that man.

Health is number one. It’s time to invest in your employees’ wellness. If you do, the return could be greater than you think.

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    I’m uneasy about the loss of privacy for the employees

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