Being a Lean, Mean,
Building Machine is Important

Person Running

Want your business to work better? If so, you’ll need to focus on the health of your employees as much as you focus on healthy business strategies. Keeping your team members lean, flexible, mobile, and strong is crucial to ensuring a job well done—whether at a building site or at a desk in headquarters.

The problem, though, is that health doesn’t come easily. Burgers and naps are easy. Staying fit can seem like a necessary evil—but what if it didn’t?

STAR Building Systems used the NCI Vitality 24/7 Program to encourage exercise, and it turned out to be the most participated event in the history of STAR. People actually saw results from the 8-week program because it was easy, fun, and funny. It went like this; the team with the highest number of points won, and to get points—all you had to do was count steps.

Did you walk fifteen steps to the warehouse? Great. That counted toward your total. After work, did you take a dip in the pool? Nice. That converted to 150 steps. Later, maybe you went shopping for coolant at the auto store—took you thirty minutes. You wandered around a lot, and it all counted. At the end of the week, you and other team members merged your personal numbers, and wa-lah—it was on.

At STAR, people loved the step challenge, because it was a no-brainer and all about camaraderie. To get into it, teams came up with crazy names like Off Like a Prom Dress, Determinators, The Slow and the Curious, and Squirrel in my Pants. When competition got steep, they did little things to get ahead like parking further away in the parking lot, taking the stairs, and going for strolls after dinner. Workdays got a bit more comedic as teams gloated about numbers and talked trash about exercise techniques.

In the end and because of the huge participation, the employees at STAR changed. They were healthier and happier—all due to a few small adjustments and a dash of teamwork. Turns out that health isn’t as boring or difficult as one might think.

Your company can easily get healthy too. Just get creative. Get to steppin’.

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Star Building Systems

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