Are your corners, welds, and edges showing signs of rust? Here’s how you can restore the appearance.

Weather conditions during transit can often cause signs of rust to appear on the corners, welds, and edges of your steel. By tarping the material and protecting it from exposure, this can be minimized. Although it is not detrimental to the steel, you can restore the appearance by applying a primer over the factory shop coat.

Here’s what you need to know.

When the edges, welds, and corners start to show signs of rust, it is most likely only a stain. There has been no damage done or any weakening of the member. You don’t need to be concerned with structural problems. However, to refresh the appearance of the steel, a primer can be used to cover the material to give it a consistent appearance.

There’s my quick fix! Do you have questions? Comments? Want more details? Send me a comment below. And stay tuned for more quick fixes to keep your job on schedule, on budget, and on the move.

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  • Avatar
    Reply July 16, 2015

    Lee McCoy

    When shipping items to the islands of the Bahamas and the Caribbean, we at TMC see this issue a lot…it’s always a concern to the owners, however a color-matched can of metal primer keeps everyone happy!

    • Star Building Systems
      Reply July 20, 2015

      Star Building Systems

      That always does the trick!

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